Spirituality can be defined in many ways, depending on what you choose to believe. It could be the quality of having a living faith through religious, mystical or esoteric beliefs and experience. For many, spirituality is being in tune with nature. Others believe that spirituality is a connection to a divine self within, allowing the qualities of our deeper selves to shine through.

The state of vitality could be seen as a spiritual quality; it is the force of nature that allows us to be fully alive. At the core of this dynamic state is the role the mitochondria play in the cells of our body. Without those little energy converters doing their job, we would not exist. The key to their existence is your breath; carrying that essential life force from the air to all the cells in the body.

The state at its best allows us to be fully abundant with energy for life; enabling all kinds of possibilities for creation and empowerment and connection to life. It is an opportunity for us to live life to the full and be the best we can be in mind, body and spirit. This is called self-actualization;


Spirituality is a journey rather than a destination. It is an enquiry into what life is all about rather than what society projects.

If you would like to fill your spiritual petrol tanks with refreshing energy, then you might want to consider meditation. You may feel heartened to know that there have been numerous proven studies about the benefits of meditation and the medical world today recognises its value as a natural way of supporting our health and wellbeing.

There are numerous physical benefits of Meditation; it lowers blood pressure, alleviates insomnia, enhances the strength of your immune function; it relieves chronic pain, improves digestion, increases libido. Meditation increases energy and vigour and decreases fatigue. Psychologically meditation is beneficial in the area of stress, anxiety and depression; it helps to improve your mood and motivation. Meditation helps us with our mental faculties by focusing the mind, increasing clarity, improving memory and concentration. Spiritually meditation expands our awareness allowing a journey into the unknown for deeper introspection. This enables the qualities of the soul to shine through such as inner peace, compassion, kindness and joy. And finally, Meditating regularly can strengthen the connection to something that is bigger than ourselves whatever we choose to call it.

There are many different types of meditative practice; those that offer insight, those that help concentration and stillness and then there are the most dynamic meditations like creative visualisation and sound meditation.


Get stubborn is the answer. When you first go to the gym to reach your fitness goals, you may not like it but determination ensures you get the benefits that exercise brings. The more you go, the better you looks and feel and you begin to look forward to going to the gym.It is the same with meditation. The more you do it, the more you get these beautiful feelings of energy in mind body and spirit. You begin to look forward to your regular practice. Give it a go, it’s worth it!