When you have optimum vitality you have a feeling of 'get up and go, go, go!'

Where does this feeling come from and what do we need to do to ensure that we experience it every day? The answer lies in the cells of your body. Through optimising your cellular health in a sustainable way, you can experience vitality every day!

Your Cells

We are made up of trillions of cells that are changing all the time and reproducing over our lifetime. The ingredient we require to fuel all the cells in our body is energy. We generate energy through the conversion of oxygen from the air that we breathe, and energy from the food that we eat, into ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is an energy-bearing molecule that biologists consider to be the energy currency of life. We need ATP to power our cells for movement, thinking and growth. The environment for this transformation to happen is in the tiny organelles within our cells. These are called Mitochondria. These organelles have a critical role to play in our body in that they generate energy for life! No mitochondria, no life!

The mitochondrion is singular

Human beings are designed to be rich in mitochondria to have energy for everyday activities. We are made to have strong fit bodies for dynamic movement to run, jump, hunt and carry. In hunter-gatherer days, our lives would have involved taking energy from food in the natural habitat available at the time and being physically active.
In today’s 21st century living, we don’t look after our cellular health due to eating poorer qualities of food and are less active than our forefathers. The result is that Mitochondrial function is diminished and cellular damage can occur. The symptoms of poor cellular health might begin with low energy, fatigue, brain fog and poor memory; all of which ultimately results in lower vitality.
It is important to keep your mitochondria in good condition because when you do they function well and you will thrive and feel vital.