Human Individuality

If you have ever been a follower of diet culture, and you have had mixed results with your energy as a result of being on a specialist eating programme; you may have found yourself confused with the myriad of information about what we should or should not eat. You are right; it is confusing!

The truth is no one diet fits all

It is not that these programmes don’t work (although some of them may be questionable), it is just that there is no one identity where food is concerned, and there is much evidence to suggest that people have different metabolic requirements. There is value in giving general advice but, on the whole, I believe eating programmes should be more tailored towards human individuality.

Key to being successful vitality generators is the process of conversion of oxygen from the air that we breathe and energy from the food we eat into ATP (Adenosine triphosphate). ATP is the fuel for life.

Poor choice of food results in low vitality and poor cellular health. Therefore, I honestly believe that if we want optimum energy in our cells, it is imperative to take the journey to discover what the right food choices are for you. When vitality becomes your goal, you will find yourself increasing your awareness about the good foods that nourish your Mitochondria (see mitochondria section). If you take care of your cellular health, you will find yourself reaping the rewards with bundles of energy!


It is all very well eating a healthy diet but how much you eat is essential for optimum vitality. We live in a society where there is food in abundance and we have learnt to eat for reasons other than hunger; for example, for gratification, greed, boredom, loneliness, comfort or reward. Unfortunately, we carry the result of overeating in the cells of our body. Your mitochondria are not used to an internal environment that is overburdened from food and, therefore, are not able to do their work efficiently.