Welcome to my online Vitality Haven where I hope to facilitate you through putting the mechanisms in place to become the best you can be at any age. Whether you are a sexy sixty, a nifty fifty, a fabulous forty or a whippersnapper at 30 years old.

Having optimum vitality offers enormous potential for a greater experience of life whatever age you are. When you have energy and vigour you have a spring in your step, your mind is focused and clear, and you have an attitude that is upbeat and optimistic. With vibrant energy, you function better in the world and most importantly you have better health and the potential to live a longer, happier life!

This site is about you, and how I can help you with your process of becoming your best self,  through increasing your vitality levels and sustaining that energy for you to utilise in your daily life .

Together let’s take the journey to THRIVE through acquiring optimum vitality for life!

A collection of blogs, articles, recipes and wellness.


Founder @Trauma Thrivers, Psychotherapist, Speaker and Online Trainer



Reiki Teacher & Author


“Glori G. Gylsson is one of the world’s leading experts on “vitality” having spent a lifetime studying and working in the health and fitness fields at the very highest level. Glori’s dedication and commitment as both an extraordinary healer and a visionary teacher are totally inspirational. She offers her clients an absolute wealth of wisdom and a deep and genuine compassion. Her skills have been developed and honed by a lifelong passion Glori has towards her own and other people’s evolution and growth in all areas, but particularly those about health and total well being. I cannot recommend her highly enough; she is one in a million and a true gem.”

“I worked with Glori over a period of 2 years and were so grateful that, serendipitously, our paths crossed. I was lost and in great pain at that time and did not know what to do about it. Glori’s compassionate approach helped me enormously, empowering me to take responsibility for my own healing and creating my own path to happiness. I will always be very grateful for the help she gave me.”


Managing Director (RCH) Raw Corporate Health



Former Colleague, Author, Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, Master Practioner NLP & Hypnotherapy


“Glori brings a unique and highly advanced holistic perspective to people’s health and wellbeing from a very broad toolbox. She has transformed my life!  I have worked with her on and off over the 20 years; I have known her.  I am healthy and happy, I have more energy than I thought possible and look the best I have ever looked at 53! My business is also in the best shape it has ever been.

I cannot thank her enough for the faith she put in me and what she has enabled me to do. I will continue to work with her both on a personal level and professional level, I just love feeling happy,  healthy and energised, everything else just becomes easier to handle and work out.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Glori G. Gylsson for 18 years.

In that time, she has proved to be one of the most passionate practitioners of wellness and human potential. I’ve always found her commitment to well-being as well as her personal and professional integrity are deeply inspiring.”